New gigs!
There are 2 more gigs added! The one in Dordrecht will be recorded so if you want to see and hear yourself on this recording be there! We are also arranging a bus trip for that day, so stay tuned for further information!
Posted: 23 - 2 - 2015

New video online!
Our new video is online! You can check it out here;
Posted: 16 - 9 - 2014

Portall Update!
After a too long period of silence its finally time to inform you about whats going on at Portall headquarters.

Due to a lot of circumstances we werent able to promote our second album King of the Mad at its fullest after it was released which is pretty fucked up.. Were not going to bore you with all the details of those circumstances but we will tell you were we are now and it looks pretty positive!

First of all, our new video is almost done and it wont take long when its ready to go online!

Second; there are a couple of new gigs confirmed! Go to live section and check if you are able to support us there! And if you cant, just ignore you cant and do it!!

And finally; last week we started working on new material and well keep you updated about the writing progress!

Hope to see u at one of the upcoming gigs (or all)!

Stay metal!!!

Posted: 19 - 8 - 2014

New gig
September 10th Portall plays at Boelies Pub Winschoten, together with Torture Squad.

Posted: 3 - 6 - 2011

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